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We specialize in developing bespoke Android Application Development. With Android app development services by App Aptitude, you can be sure your app is of high-quality, which will ensure smooth submission and approval by Google Play Store.

Android Application Development at App Aptitude 

First thing when it comes to Android Application Development we should always consider the fact – Android operating system powers most smartphones in the world and even in the US. It is reported Android OS-run smartphones account for 85% of the market share of smartphone sales to end user.

Presently, the Google play store contains no lesser than 2.8 million Application s that consumers can download, which is why building an Android Application can help any business reach both national and international customers easily.

Android Application development service by App Aptitude has been helping companies like yours take advantage of this platform to reach more of their customers daily. In a recent statistic, consumers are discovered to spend more than $86 billion dollars through Applications purchases, and this stat is predicted to continue increasing yearly.

Why Go For Android Application  Development?

Most used

More than 61% of smartphone used in the US run on Android OS and more than 70% of tablets also use the same OS. Average users are estimated to touch their phones 2,617 times per day. Hence, developing an Android Mobile Application can help you reach more customers.  App Aptitude Android development service, Texas, USA offers a high-performing, feature-rich Android mobile Application with all the latest hardware controls compatible with different Android devices.


Due to the overnight proliferation of charlatan programmers and fraudulent Android Applications, Google Play Store in 2017 deleted 700,000 fraudulent Applications on its platform ― 70 percent more than it did in 2016. This action is to ensure the safety of users. With Android Application Development services by App Aptitude, you can be sure your Application is of high-quality, which will ensure smooth submission and Application Approval by Google Play Store.

Offline Accessibility

Android Applications can help you optimize workforce performance and improve output. It changes your organizational work model and replaces it with methodologies that are not just time-saving but also more convenient. All of this can is achievable without connecting to the internet.  Our Android Application Development Services considers your organizational need and creatively use the information to build Applications that make everyone happy.

The Android Application  Development Company You Can Trust

We are an award-winning Android Application development company that develops creative and compelling Applications that deliver exceptional user experience. App Aptitude’s Android Application development in Texas, US is reliable and handled by an in-house team of talented professionals who are committed to designing Applications that attract and engage users, and spread brands.

Create a spectacular and exceptional Custom Android Application today. Also a good read on how to develop a custom Andriod app.

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How Can Custom Android App help new and existing business?

Developing Custom Android Application Development At App Aptitude 

  • The mobile application will be accessible to the client 24 hours a day.
  • A new channel for advertising via push notification and lot more.
  • Increase in sales, inquiries.
  • Business automation increase conversion reducing expenses.
  • Competitive advantage as the app would eliminate comparison and options.

How do we make your business successful?

In the process of Custom Android App Development, we analyze what the users would like or need, and we share our research and analysis for better App optimization and App promotion too in the later stage. Therefore, the creation of an application at App Aptitude begins with the analysis of existing applications and research of user needs. Paying specific attention to the reviews, we work on improving user interaction with the application.

Through our dedicated team of experts, we work hard to develop the best problem solutions in our endeavor to develop custom android apps. We carry out a detailed analysis of the target audience, market, and competitors. Working closely with our designers and programmers we create well thought out designs with optimal usability.

We work with enthusiasm and tirelessly to realize the deliverables. All our work, of course, comes with full technical support of applications.