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We Specialise in Instant messaging app, messaging app, chat app development services using the latest cutting-edge technologies for development. With Instant messaging app development services by App Aptitude, you can be sure your app is of high-quality, which will ensure smooth submission and approval by the respective marketplaces.

Instant messaging app development Services by App Aptitude for messaging app and chat app!

Communication is one of the essential activities people engage in – with family members, loved ones, and even colleagues. As a result, instant messaging apps are ruling the world. Instant messaging app development by App Aptitude can make communication faster and easier even on the go.



The user login process has to be simplified, requiring minimal details from users. To quicken the login process, users can choose whether to log in with their Facebook, email, twitter or even phone numbers. Instant messaging app development by App Aptitude offers you a hassle-free login process that will endear users.


This feature enables users to create groups with members they send contact frequently, making communication easier. Also, group members can interact with one another, making chat experience more interesting.


With instant messaging app development by App Aptitude, you can expect the message broadcast feature.  With this, users can send messages to selected people on their list, without creating a group.


Sensitive details such as credit card information, passwords, etc., are frequently shared via instant messaging apps. Hence, to prevent a third party from stealing such information, messages have to be encrypted. Instant messaging app development by App Aptitude offers military-grade encryption to protect your data from third parties.


Gone are the days when instant messaging apps were strictly all about the messaging. Your app should allow file, audio, video and even location sharing. Our app development team include this feature to make communication more comfortable for your users.


It’s a common occurrence for app users to change phones or even misplace them. However, they don’t have to lose their images, videos and chat history. With instant messaging app development by App Aptitude, users of your app can recover their files, images, audios and chat history when they log in with a new phone.


People are keen to network, meet new friends and share contact with other users. At App Aptitude, we add this feature to your app so users can share contact details with others conveniently.


This feature allows users to know when they have new messages and reply immediately to messages.


With a team of talented and experienced app developers, App Aptitude can create bespoke messaging apps with exciting features that will drive more downloads. Want to develop a WhatsApp-like, Facebook-like, Snapchat-like app or create something simple?

Not to worry, with Instant messaging app development by App Aptitude, rest assured of an app that meets your needs and budget while giving users a pleasant messaging experience.

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